Fugitive Blue on Radio National


I recently had the pleasure of going into the ABC’s Melbourne studios to record an episode of Robyn Williams’ Radio National program, Ockham’s Razor. I received a (surprising, generous) email from Robyn out of the blue of the Amalfi Coast where he was holidaying. He had just finished reading my novel, Fugitive Blue, and wanted to commission a script for Ockham’s Razor based on some of the ideas in the book.

Robyn Williams is the kind of reader all writers long to find, I think – engaged, absurdly erudite and educated, and refreshingly opinionated. And when those opinions are very positive and directed towards your own work, it feels like a kind of gift. He hopes the radio show will direct more readers to Fugitive Blue. I hope so too.

For those of you partial to some early morning entertainment, my Ockham’s Razor episode will be broadcast next Sunday 22nd September on Radio National at 7:45am (EST).

The podcast is now available on the Ockham’s Razor page.