On Chasing the Light

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I didn’t expect to enjoy myself when a photographer was assigned to get a photo of me for my recent article in The Sunday Age. I have the usual human/writerly paranoias about such things. But then I hadn’t met Meredith O’Shea. She turned up at my house at the end of a 40 degree day – yep, I struggled to disentangle myself from two sweaty children, put on some make up, get dressed in any presentable way and de-frizz the hair in preparation – and we spent the next couple of hours chasing the light around the mountain on which I live. Meredith was determined to get me in the gold glow of the setting sun. We found it just as we were starting to think it might have been too late. Meredith swerved down someone’s driveway, jumped out and told the unsuspecting homeowners enjoying a drink on their terrace exactly what was needed. Within seconds, I was crouched in the forest at the base of their property.

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Fugitive Blue on Radio National


I recently had the pleasure of going into the ABC’s Melbourne studios to record an episode of Robyn Williams’ Radio National program, Ockham’s Razor. I received a (surprising, generous) email from Robyn out of the blue of the Amalfi Coast where he was holidaying. He had just finished reading my novel, Fugitive Blue, and wanted to commission a script for Ockham’s Razor based on some of the ideas in the book.

Robyn Williams is the kind of reader all writers long to find, I think – engaged, absurdly erudite and educated, and refreshingly opinionated. And when those opinions are very positive and directed towards your own work, it feels like a kind of gift. He hopes the radio show will direct more readers to Fugitive Blue. I hope so too.

For those of you partial to some early morning entertainment, my Ockham’s Razor episode will be broadcast next Sunday 22nd September on Radio National at 7:45am (EST).

The podcast is now available on the Ockham’s Razor page.

Feature article in The Age – Learning to live with the legacy of violence

Here is my feature article, published yesterday in the Insight section of The Age.  This is a new avenue for me and I really enjoyed the process of interviewing the women and editing the piece.  And, of course, the initial writing.

The Jill Meagher case had a huge impact on many people in Brunswick, Melbourne, and far beyond.  With that in mind, I thought it warranted a bit of a discussion…

Here’s the link to the story on The Age.