On Chasing the Light

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I didn’t expect to enjoy myself when a photographer was assigned to get a photo of me for my recent article in The Sunday Age. I have the usual human/writerly paranoias about such things. But then I hadn’t met Meredith O’Shea. She turned up at my house at the end of a 40 degree day – yep, I struggled to disentangle myself from two sweaty children, put on some make up, get dressed in any presentable way and de-frizz the hair in preparation – and we spent the next couple of hours chasing the light around the mountain on which I live. Meredith was determined to get me in the gold glow of the setting sun. We found it just as we were starting to think it might have been too late. Meredith swerved down someone’s driveway, jumped out and told the unsuspecting homeowners enjoying a drink on their terrace exactly what was needed. Within seconds, I was crouched in the forest at the base of their property.

claire bw

By the end of the session, Meredith had me dancing around my local park. And I didn’t mind a bit.

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5 responses

  1. My husband and I have been toying with the idea of leaving our inner city Melbourne life and making the move to the hills with our 6 year old daughter. I have just read your article in The Age “Mountain Highs” and wanted to thank you for the inspiration. It is a big decision, one that I am well and truly over thinking no doubt. I think my biggest fear is changing schools for my daughter (year 1), going from a typical private girls school where she has an abundance of friendships and which is so important for an only child. However the lure of a small, welcoming and caring community, being able to actually afford our own home, peace and privacy, oh and a backyard, seem to be winning on my pro’s/con’s list.

    At this risk of sounding like a stalker, I would love any thoughts you have on the schools in the area as this may just be my decision maker.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Vanessa. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad to hear my piece might have given you some inspiration. As for over thinking, bah. I hate that idea. There’s too much under thinking, I reckon, so stick with the over thinking until you feel comfortable! Schools are such a personal thing and everyone has different ideas on what feels right for them, of course. We moved here before either of our children started school, so we were able to tour a few different places. The school we’ve chosen for our daughter was the obvious one for us. We liked everything about its energy and ethos as soon as we went there. If schools are really your sticking point to the move, why don’t you define an area in the hills you’re interested in and arrange visits to a few nearby schools? For primary school, especially, there are many good options here. And driving around the hills, if you end up needing to do that, is much simpler than driving around the inner city. (Once you get used to the windy roads and the fog, of course.) Good luck! I hope you find somewhere you love.

      • Thank you so much for your response Claire, there is much to consider and I do appreciate your advice and time.

        I think I best get onto booking a few school tours 🙂

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