Fugitive Blue on Radio National


I recently had the pleasure of going into the ABC’s Melbourne studios to record an episode of Robyn Williams’ Radio National program, Ockham’s Razor. I received a (surprising, generous) email from Robyn out of the blue of the Amalfi Coast where he was holidaying. He had just finished reading my novel, Fugitive Blue, and wanted to commission a script for Ockham’s Razor based on some of the ideas in the book.

Robyn Williams is the kind of reader all writers long to find, I think – engaged, absurdly erudite and educated, and refreshingly opinionated. And when those opinions are very positive and directed towards your own work, it feels like a kind of gift. He hopes the radio show will direct more readers to Fugitive Blue. I hope so too.

For those of you partial to some early morning entertainment, my Ockham’s Razor episode will be broadcast next Sunday 22nd September on Radio National at 7:45am (EST).

The podcast is now available on the Ockham’s Razor page.


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  1. And we didn’t talk about your writing at all, last Saturday! Looking forward to the podcast link – I can’t promise I’ll be listening to RN at 7.45 am next Sunday!

  2. Your novel was recommended by Robin Williams in his “Books of the Year” column in the recent Australian Book Review so I immediately got it from the library and read it in one evening – I was totally entranced. The underlying water theme is strong and compulsive and the array of imagined characters in the cherubs’ history is delightful and very moving. The ending is both traumatic and deeply satisfying regarding the protagonist’s name. I have a single lapis lazuli bead that I treasure and will now value it more highly for the pleasure your story has given me. I’ve also just listened to the ABC broadcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Claire – I’ll be waiting with bated breath for your next novel.

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