Lost In Living

Several months ago, I saw a link to a documentary film being made in the US by Mary Trunk.  I watched the fundraising trailer for Lost in Living and was entranced.  I cried, watched it again, cried, and donated some money.  Then I waited for the finished film.  A parcel arrived in the post last week – a DVD and a tote bag and a couple of postcards with a note from Mary.  My postman left the parcel sitting on top of my letter box and the yellow dye from the wrapping paper got all wet in the rain, staining the tote with golden streaks.  I cried.  But the bit I was really waiting for – the film itself – was safely protected in plastic.  I watched it that night, as soon as I could.  It is a deeply resonant and honest film, well worth the wait.  You will not be surprised to learn that it made me cry.

Here’s the trailer that got to me, big time.  The film is, of course, even better.

I first read about Lost in Living on Rachel Power’s blog.  Rachel is the author of The Divided Heart, a book that explores, like Lost in Living, the often-competing demands of motherhood and creative practice.  I have recommended The Divided Heart to so many people over the last few years, so much so that  I think it should be handed out to every new mother everywhere, as soon as she’s given birth, or before, as soon as she finds out she’s going to have a baby, or before, before she even decides to have a baby, if indeed it’s a decision at all. And to everyone who already has children.  And to everyone who doesn’t have children but was once a child.  To everyone.

When I left hospital after each of my children, I was given a bag containing dubious samples of creams I never opened and too many pamphlets spruiking maternity lingerie.  But a parcel containing copies of The Divided Heart and Lost in Living, now that, that would have been more like it.


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  1. Oh Claire, you are such a darling. Now it’s my turn to cry! Your championing of ‘The Divided Heart’ has meant so much to me – thank you (again). And I agree with you re Lost in Living’. It is such a profoundly moving and insightful film. I have not written about it on my blog yet purely because I feel that I can’t quite sum up the enormity of my feelings about it! But I will find a way soon. xx

  2. Thank you, Rachel. What a couple of sooks we are. And you will notice that I wrote almost nothing about Lost in Living really (other than it made me cry) because, just as you say, I can’t quite sum up the enormity of my feelings about it!

  3. V powerful and profound and moving and honest. Breast feeding and crying right now! And keeping hold of that tent!!!! So glad to hear the full film got made. X

  4. I could not agree more! I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but I think The Divided Heart stopped me from totally flipping out. I reach for it every time I start to doubt my ability to write and be a mum. I need to get my hands on a copy of that film! xK

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